Sunday, November 20, 2011

Here I Am

Here I am. my chest ripped open and my soul on the line. I’ve decided finally I truly have nothing to hide. I guess there comes that time when you’ve lost so much, the fear is stripped away. Oh, how I want to play. Here’s a big Fuck You to all the people who ever did me wrong. All the fucks who kept me from singing my song. A hiccup is all you were. Looking back, I see you are still the same. Still trying to play that one-up game. With a smile and a bow, I say Fuck You. And, to all those who stuck by my side, who held on during that hell of a ride. I will always remember you. And when the time comes, it’ll all come right back to you. With a smile and a bow, I say Thank You. To those I’ve yet to meet, just a forewarning, Unto my fortune, I always end it with between the sheets. That is minuscule to what I am, the beast and angel that resides within. But, it’s okay, this probably only makes sense to me anyway. A poor excuse for rhyme and reason. Fuck it.

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